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Are There Any Other Telnet-Accessible Hermes II BBSes?

Greetings again RetroMacCast friends,

I was wondering if anyone here is aware of any other Macintosh-based and Macintosh-centric telnet-accessible BBSes, anywhere in the world. In particular, I am interested in BBSes which use the Hermes II BBS software, like myself.

You see, I am on a quest . . .

Back when Michael Alyn Miller released Hermes II 3.5.10b3, and changed the externals framework from Pascal-based externals to Python-based externals, I wrote a Python-based external for Hermes II 3.5.10b3. called "Get-To-Know-You".

To my knowledge, other than Michael himself, who converted the well-known, Pascal-based "Leech" external to Python, my external was the only other external that was ever written in Python for Hermes II.

Sadly, the Python phase turned out to be very short-lived, being as Michael eventually stopped developing Hermes II, and released it as open source software three years ago.

If you Google it, you will still find my "Get-To-Know-You" external mentioned on a number of software download sites. The problem is that the links all point to my now-defunct "WunderWerkz Software" website, where I distributed all of my free software for Hermes II, Hotline and KDX.

Furthermore, I no longer possess the project files for my external, or even the external itself. It's history.

So I am thinking that if my "Get-To-Know-You" external is still out there in the wild somewhere, the best place to find it might be in the files download section of another Hermes II-based BBS.

That is why I am trying to located other Hermes II-based, Mac-centric, telnet-accessible BBSes. Maybe I'll find my external on one of them.

I know that it is a long shot, but if you know of any -- I still think that I am the last Hermes II SysOp -- please let me know. You can either post a response here, or telnet to my BBS at and leave a message there, or log on to my Hotline server at the same IP address.

Thanks in advance.

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