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Does anyone happen to have an archived copy of the January 7th, 2002 ATI retail card driver update? I'm interested in getting my TAM to display millions of colors and have read online that this update will allow it. I managed to get my hands on the 14th January, 2002 update, but it didn't work.

Thanks in advance,

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Maybe it's just stupid what I write about this... You have a 5500, how does it do ?
Can't you take just the same components, since the motherboards are the same ?
My 5500s do display millions, the drivers are from the G4 installer disk of 9.1 (dated Feb., 2001).
I took it as it comes from the CD, removed the NVIDIA, left the ATI - it works fine. The ATI components are:
ATI 3D Accelerator 4.8.4
ATI Driver Update 1.4.8
ATI Graphics Accelerator 4.7
ATI Resource Manager 2.0.7
ATI Video Accelerator 4.3.2
I might have the installer disk that Lars mentioned. I know I have G4 installation disks (at home, I'm not at home). I'll check my disks when I get home tomorrow if you would like to try the files Lars suggested.
You'll have to open the disk image named: 'Power Mac G4 HD.img' and mount it
(DiskCopy is on that CD and will do that after double-clicking the image file icon).
The drivers are inside the virtual disk's system folder.
In the 'Monitors' cdev's selection window you'll find 'recommended' solutions from 640 x 480 to 832 x 624 supporting millions of colours, and 1024 x 768 with 32768 colours.
All these informations are based on a 5500, I think it's the same with the TAM - although its higher speed may bring better performance even here.
Ok, I found the PowerMac G4 install disks. I'll try your directions and see what I can find.
Good luck !

I've got the impression, Leon doesn't even notice what he started ?!
I'm still here, I just don't have as much time these days to tinker around with my Mac's nor go online as much (have started a new job which is pretty intense).
My 5500 is currently in storage and no accessible at the moment so I can't test out various drivers on it.
What I have been able to lay my hands on is a January 14th, 2002 ATI retail drivers update and it does not work. It seems that they have done something since the January 7th update which prevents millions of colors on the TAM.
I will have a look into the extension numbers from the Jan 14th update and see how they compare to the numbers Lars gave above.
It's good to know you're still here, and good luck for you as well -
a new job always is a new challenge and requires full attention.

A full 9.1 installation using the G4 disk as I described above is possible, but full of unpredictables - there are 'ghost' applications which do not appear in the 'active apps' pop-up menu on the right; the machines can't be shut down !
I once found out what it was, but I've long forgotten since then. I went through the most exotic corners of the system folder, such as 'Shutdown Objects' or all the way through the 'Preferences', or 'Control Strips'. Today I had to hook a working but empty 6GB to a 5500/275 to replace a 4GB (I think with a headcrash) and facing exactly these problems.

And keep the so called Firmware up to date.
Lars, I opened the HD.img file you mentioned, I couldn't find anything in the "Monitors" but I will check again tomorrow. I have been getting my son's Pismo ready to give back to him. I think it's ready to release into the wild now. I'll look for these other files again tomorrow.
Oh, my mistake - the drivers are in the extensions folder, but once installed the Monitors cdev offers these settings - a few restarts later.
A 6500/250 (slightly enhancened to 275MHz), having a 9.1 installed as described here:
A setting to 1024x768 will cause problems.
Well, I can't follow the discussion so that I understand it - did the setup work out for Leon's TAM? As I have a TAM myself now, I'm searching for these drivers. - I just moved all my stuff from my 5500 to the TAM, but I can't select the millions of colors.

Can anyone help me?





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