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Hi all, I have the Apple microphone that's in the attached picture. I've had this mic new in the box with the original plastic, and recently decided to open and use it. When I hook it up to a MacBook Pro or my Hackintosh it doesn't work at all. The computer sees it, but no sound is picked up. I spoke to a friend of mine that used to own a sound studio and is an Apple Authorized Reseller, and he wasn't sure, but thinks it needs to be powered from the audio jack, and doesn't think new computers have this option, however I've seen YouTube videos of people on Windows machines using this mic.

Does anyone know how to make it work with a Mac, if only certain Macs, or any more modern Macs support it? Do you think I just have a bad mic?

Thanks for any help or insight!

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Hi, Rick -

This is a microphone designed for the old Mac LC, LC II, LC III series and the like.  It won't work in any modern day Mac due to a different way of being wired and different requirements in order for that mic to work.  I'm surprised it didn't cause any damage to other computers when plugged in.  I remember vividly being told decades ago by my Mac lab supervisor to never plug these mics into any other device than the LCs for that reason. 

Most modern day Macs are designed to follow the same industry standard connections for a mic as is in the Windows world.  So, with that in mind, I'd just go pick up a condenser or dynamic mic designed for today's computers, or even a USB-type mic. 


Read the forum thread below fore clarification on this issue.




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