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This question has probably been asked numerous time on this site but does anyone know if I can run OS9 or classic natively on any of the G4 MD macs.

I have a dual 1.47 and a single 1.25 ~ well actually I have four of the latter.

I did manage to pick up some original install DVD's for these computers and I get the impression that I cannot run the classic mode natively ? It seems to run in emulation ? 

Does anyone know how to get OS9 on these computers without installing OS X ? 

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Jeremy, Mac OS 9 will run natively on any G4 MDD with FireWire 400 ports.  Models with FireWire 800 ports are OS X bootable only.  You can download a copy of OS 9 for these machines via Macintosh Garden:

More info here:

Hi Adam,

I was watching a video on You Tube where the guy says things like he crashed the firmware rom from a G4 1.25 on to a G4 1.42 dual firewire 800 and he gets OS9.2.2 to boot ? 

I have no idea what he is talking about as he talks in street slang.

Have a look at this video and see if you know what he means or he's talking about.

Power Mac G4 MDD FW800 OS 9 Fun - YouTube

Regards Jeremy 

It may well be possible to overwrite the ROM on a dual-800 to boot OS 9, I've never tried it.  It's also a really good way to brick your machine if something goes wrong.  G4 MDDs with FW400 are easy to find, personally I'd recommend sticking with supported configurations.

I wouldn't know how to do it or even go about overwriting rom's 

I have both machines and I do have a processor dual processor upgrade that will work on the single 1.25 so I much stick with that.

It only because I need to get rid of some of my macs and I wanted the fastest machine capable or running OS9. 

All G4 Macs run OS 9 very well, a single 1.25GHz G4 will be quite zippy.  Mac OS 9 itself doesn't use the second processor, but it's available for third party software.  OS X does take advantage of multiple CPUs.

Have fun!

I know this is quite the old thread, but I was under the impression that the G4 Macs that can boot OS 9 are quite limited. That is, not every G4 Mac will boot OS 9. For example, the G4 Mac Mini. That's OSX only. The iMacs were that way as well, the cutoff being 800MHz and below models only. Is this correct? 

I think the thread s about a year old Chris. Your right a lot of computers don't boot into OS9,   still have 4 working G4 MDD 1.25 that do and I will stick with those for my )S9 

It's great you are able to boot 9 on those. That must be speedy. I remember my families G4 / 400 that booted 9...that was pure speed. 

And if you have the Dual Sonnet upgrade and an SSD they fly. 




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