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Has anyone else noticed the huge drop (over 4,000) in the number of vintage Apple items on ebay this morning? I called ebay and spoke a length regarding this. It seemed to be something they were unaware of at the time. Nonetheless, there is a huge discrepancy within vintage computing and the subcategories, most significantly, Apple.


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I noticed that yesterday also, only 60 in the UK section

Just tried to access UK eBay Apple section and it is not showing, goes to Other Computing and Networking?

UPDATE: went via main menu and selected Vintage Apple and now lumped in Other Vintage, what's going on

Tried eBay US site and now appears in  Vintage Computers and Mainframes, then you filter by Apple!

What a mess

I noticed the same thing -- it messed up my bookmarks.  

I've need to reconfigure my bookmarks also. Worst, is that even though my Garage Sale is updated, it's useless for posting in vintage Apple because the previous categories no longer exist. Not a big deal unless you have active postings which you've already paid listing fees for. 

Remember back (10 years ago +/-)  eBay lumped all the vintage items in one big pot. I guess eBay is just going with the 'trends' in the marketplace by placing more emphasis iPads, etc. 

This is what they call "maintenance", I agree with James it's a mess.




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