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I just bought an eMate 300 on eBay. It is in great shape. Now I am trying to find resources on how to use it...

I want to use it with OS X, and get some wireless connection working. What is the best way way to connect it in OS X? What software to use? ect...

I am also trying to find the original software for it. I had to do a hard reset and now newton works is no longer installed.

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eMate 300 uses the same OS as Newton. In fact it was a Newton projecto for schools...
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I know it uses the same OS as newton. I am just trying to find the bundled software that came with it.
I've used this website to get software for my eMate:

They have the original software that came with the eMate as well.
You're also going to need an Apple serial cable connection going from the eMate to your Mac. I believe you might find an adapter that will go from that to USB.
did you find works on your eMate 300? i think its in the rom. it might have slipped down to the second page of the application screen




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