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James and John look back at the history of web browsers for the Mac. eBay Finds are a Lisa 2/10, "Dear Mr. Jobs" mug, and protoype iPhone. News includes the iCast, an SE/30 in Watchmen, and the Retr0bright Project.

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There were some difficulties to send this, as a first attempt this is the German Version of System 6.0.3, designed for the SE. The archive contains four disk images, 'Dienstprogramme' stands for 'Utilities', 'Drucker' means 'printer' - you'll guess the rest.
If this way of sending works I may add 6.0.4 (for an early Mac II - vx ? not sure) and a serious but funny today
'Tutorial' in a 'How To Use A Mac'-Way
It was Episode 65 where Bruce of the DigiBarn talked about that SE/30 and how it came to be in Watchmen.




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