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The Retro Mac of the Week is the Power Macintosh 9500. eBay Finds are a Newton Bundle, new-in-box 20SC hard drive, and autographed John Sculley photo. News includes yet another worst Apple product list and the release of Snow Leopard.

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BEWARE! Ken Gagne reports that Snow Leopard removes support for HFS file systems. This could be really bad for all us retro geeks.

Look here:
Yes, but because we're retro geeks, we all have a LOT of Macs that are too old to run Snow Leopard so we can just use one of them.
But it really means that when you try to run an emulator on your next gen Macbook Air, you won't be able to read the filesystem to get at all that old school goodness! Even a //GS can read HFS. Just know what you're giving up!
That's true, and remember 8.1 came as the first system supporting HSF+.
VERY entertaining site the "list" is. I've gone through the first page only;
the opinions about the hockey puck mouse differ as much as one can think of.
I tend to be on the "It's unusable"-side, having two of them and as a collector want to have it in any color available - since I can't afford and don't have the room to store iMacs of any color.
And there is the even more crazy "adapter":




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