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James and John talk to the Nathan Hendler, the developer of Grackle68k. eBay Finds are an Apple-sponsored trivia game, Performa 5215CD new-in-box, and an Apple I with original packaging and documentation. News includes a microwaved Mac 512K and some gift ideas.

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If you could let Nathan know, I have a Macintosh Plus with 1mb of RAM, AND an Asante EN/SC adapter for ethernet, I would be happy to test grackle on that. I just need to dig out all the hardware, and find or make a 800k floppy, hook up the hard drive, and hopefully have system 6.0.8 tweeting.

I just have to dig it out, that's the biggest hurdle. Getting it to work will be easy. Download it on my Powerbook 540c, and unstuff it to a floppy.

Also, James, when you talk about the family tree t-shirt, you accidently call the iMac G4 a "i4 gmac". just figured I should point that out :D
The $50k Apple I didn't find a buyer.




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