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James and John discuss eBay Finds: Newton lot, B&H Apple II+, and Lisa poster. They talk about the least desirable Macs, and news includes Mountain Lion, iOS 86, and CLOG.

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James seems to do his homework and pick good choice for Road Apples (like the Mac that look like PC), and John just seem to do some random selection just for the sack of picking (like how can an iMac G4 be a Road Apple just because it has a 15" monitor!?).

You guys are hilarious!  I couldn't help but burst out laughing at James finishing his "road apple" list with the entire Performa line. :D  The bundled software was worth it for some people, but yes, confusion everywhere.  You prompted me to look up how many Performa models were actually introduced (about 80!).

I feel the need to defend the LC/Quadra 630…  not only because I had one, but because it was a fast, affordable 68040 system in a time of expensive PowerMacs with buggy operating system releases and slow 68k emulation. Even if the 630's SCSI chip and stock IDE drive weren't lightning fast, the 040 enabled me to think about including video in some school projects. (My patient parents actually helped me lug my 630 to school a couple of times!)  It helped that someone loaned us an 8500 for a week so I could actually digitize and compress the video at reasonable framerates. :-)

Our family upgraded from a IIsi to a 630 in early 1995. We could have stepped up to a PowerMac, but I didn't use much native software and things were still quite "Type 11 error"-ridden in PowerPC land.

I look back and I feel we made the right choice.  A 7100 or 8100 might have been faster in the long run, but the 630 was great right out of the chute and helped us all survive Hurricane Gil Amelio until we upgraded to a G3.

Enjoying the show as always. :-) Keep up the great work.

I was rather embarrassed to find out how many of my Macs made it onto the bottom 10 list. My first Mac was a Performa 630 cd, which I donated to a thrift store. Despite the fact I'm collecting retro Macs, I still mostly don't regret getting rid of it, so it must have been pretty bad and bulky by the end. I have the 15" iMac G4 (which, for my purposes, was the right choice. Didn't really need or want the bigger screen and expense. $75 including shipping was just right.) Then there's the Mac Classic. I like this computer. It was my first compact Mac and the first retro Mac I collected. I think there were a couple others, but I'm not remembering what they were. So, despite their standing in the bottom 10 list, I think a lot of these Macs can still be loved and because of their standing they can still be had at very low prices.




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