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James and John discuss eBay finds: Think Different Buzz Aldrin banner, Basis Apple II clone, and neon Apple sign. Hap talks about his collection of rare prototypes, and news includes signed Jobs document, surfing on a PlusMacSmith, and Sophistication & Simplicity.

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Thanks for the good words about - the guys on there are fantastic!

- I'm Charles, AKA:

Uniserver AKA:


Yes, is a fantastic resource!

Also, my website is, I have some helpful links and info, getting people through Bad Caps with thier vintage computers. IF you want me to do them for you, No job is too big and no job is too small. My work is really good and my turn around is fast.

Hap has been a really great customer.  I can't begin to tell you how many times i'v come home from work, only to find FEDEX Next Day Air Packages on my door step from Hap LOL.

And an email, Hey dude!  Did ya get my package? :-)  haha.

No bluff, the Fedex near me, Last pickup for Over Night Air, is 7:35pm  I'v had situations where I'v received a package at 5pm (Fixed/Re-capped it) had it at the Fedex office before 7.35pm on the way back to Hap.   

Hap is a guy that knows what he wants and will go after it full speed :)

Thanks James/John

hey guys… just so you know … Hap just got ahold of something pretty crazy.  Lets just say its a clear see-through prototype laptop…  lets just say that it was built 2003-2004, lets say its got a 64 bit cpu in it.  and… @ 1.4ghz the cpu alone consumes 45 watts.  :)

and lets just say that… if it's what we all think @ 68kmla… nobody, other then engineers have ever seen this before,

There was a few rumors going around back then:) 

Can you post the link? Is it a G5 PowerBook? lol




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