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James and John discuss eBay finds: System 7 button set, LOZ Steve Jobs, and boxed Mac Portable. James visits Hap to see new additions to his collection, and news includes Apple financials, 1984 Mac report, Insanely Great, and Smack-A-Mac.

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Inside the 'Byte Cellar': 30 years with Apple

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I have a question for John. As I was listening to the podcast this afternoon I noticed you said you were using HDT to format your CC hard drive. I love HDT as well and use it with an Iomega Zip on my Mac Plus. But I have the home version and have been looking for the full version for a while. All the downloads I've seen are for the "lite" version. I want to change the hard drive icon and am unable in my version, as well as a few other things. Which version do you have?

Not sure why this is sidways.  Sorry!

The newest version I found that works on 68k macs is 2.5, I found it here. I've used on my color classic (68040 upgrade) and SE/30. It doesn't say lite and I'm able to change the icon so hopefully it works for you.

Thank you so much!  That appears to be the full version.  Much appreciated.


Can you also enlighten us on where you got your large SCSI HD and the adapter? I also have a Mystic CC and would like to add a large HD. Also, many moons ago in a podcast you mentioned a quieter fan you managed to find to fit your CC. I would really love to get one of those also as the fan in my CC is louder than the HD.


Here is the drive I bought and here is the adapter. The fan I found was for my SE/30 that I put an SSD into . Not sure of the fan size on the Color Classic.

Thanks, just placed or order myself so I hope that the HD formatted OK ;-) I do remember that the fan was for your SE/30. I was playing with an SSD in my SE/30 at the time. I never could get AppleShare 3.0 (the last AS that allowed Apple II network booting) to work with the SSD.


I'm fascinated with the collection of boxed Macintosh computers mentioned in the podcast.  Are there any photos showing an overview of the acquisition?  I can't find any news articles about it either.

email me for photos and an inventory list. I'm the owner of the collection. TUAW is still working on the story.




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