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James and John discuss eBay finds: Apple kite, MacAddict CD-ROMs, and Mac Portable.  They look back at MacAddict 20 years since it debuted, and news include an Apple themed controller, smashing iPhones, Apple rumors and a tiny arcade cabinet.

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I remember Mac Addict coming out in the UK.

Despite it being much more expensive that magazines like Mac World, I did enjoy it's rebellious nature when they printed articles like how to Hack your Mac. Something Apple would never agree to.

They showed you how to pull off a jumper block on a G3 and boost it's speed considerably by reconfiguring the pins.

How to swap jumpers on a board to fit a desktop mac motherboard into a tower.

Yes a great magazine and you didn't have to go and buy expensive CPU upgrade boards.

Please don't slow down on the episodes, I just officially caught up the the first episode I ever heard, so I've now heard every single one!

In your introduction of new users, you queried Rob's favourite Mac being a PowerMac3,3 and that'd be the G4 Gigabit

I'm more partial to the the 3,5 QuickSilver 2x1Ghz myself, but the Gigabit is a nice machine.





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