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James and John discuss eBay finds: Helocar tape, Color Classic II, and Macbook banner. John shares some favorite INITs, and news includes Cybercafe, Ron Wayne, influential PCs, and Mac SE at the Genius Bar.

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Church Windows




Mac OS 7.0 - Mac OS 7.5.1 (it does nothing on Mac OS 9)

68020 CPU or better

Scalable from all sides

Visible drag vs outline

different window styles

needs color quickdraw

Sticky Click

Mac System Software 7.0 and above. Obsoleted by Mac OS 8.0


MenuBall is an absolutely useless control panel that puts a bouncing ball in your menu bar. It won't slow down your Mac and it shouldn't crash (but use it at your own risk).

  There's only one smart use for MenuBall: since the ball moves one step at each WaitNextEvent call, you can use it to monitor the system activity. If the ball stops, the Mac probably won't respond to user actions and may even be hung

Mac Envy 2.1

MacEnvy 2.1 is a CDEV (Control Panel device) that provides a useful

display of your Macintosh's hardware and software operating environment.

It also features the ability to save your machine's information in a

"report file," which can be opened and printed with any word processor.

MacEnvy is compatible with all Macintosh models running System 4.1 or


Smart Scroll

• Scrolling Speed may be adjusted for all situations and all Mac models. If your G3 or G4 Mac scrolls too fast, this is the cure! WordPerfect note.

• Arrows: put both at both ends.

• Proportional thumbs: The size of the thumb relative to the scrollbar shows how much of a document is displayed in a window. Smart Scroll brings this feature to such apps as Netscape, Emailer and AppleWorks/ClarisWorks.

• Live Scrolling updates the display as you drag the scrollbar thumb.


window shade

WindowShade is a unique window enhancement utility for the Macintosh. WindowShade gets its name from the old window blinds that roll up when given a sturdy pull. This utility brings the same functionality to Macintosh windows.

By placing the control panel in the System Folder, your windows are given a brand new feature. By double clicking anywhere on the title bar of a window, the lower part of the window will "roll up" underneath the title bar. Double clicking on the title bar again will lower the window to its original size.


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