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James and John discuss eBay finds: Mac poster, Key Lime iBook,lighted Apple sign. John reviews some SSD solutions, and news includes found Apple documents and Apple Park.

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Hey Guys:

Great episode as usual; thank you. Also, much thanks to John for his segment on SSD solutions. Three years ago I tried to upgrade a PDQ Powerbook with an OWC SSD drive and encountered the master/slave issue that prevented the SSD drive from working. The OWC's drive is set to master state (unchangeable) which conflicted with the CD drive which is also set to the master setting on these Powerbooks. Thankfully the drive worked beautifully in another Mac I owned, but I never knew how to solve the issue until you aired this segment. The card(s) with switchable settings is just what I need. Thank you so much for shedding light on this issue to an otherwise fine Powerbook. Looking forward to the next episode.


Just a thought: Has processing power on the Mac's progressed enough that Apple (or some other developer) could produce one application (emulator) that would emulate all Mac OS systems (1.0 - 10.11)?  This would produce a way for old applications to be run and files accessed yet produce a reason for Apple to get old users to upgrade. I'm not trying to take the romance out of retro but I can see one good Pro Mac (w/ emulator add-on board?) with this ability being a boon for commercial companies with old Mac application & files and some retro users.




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