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Ever wanted a complete collection of iPods, all generations? There's one on eBay right now.

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12K! yeah right... dream on
This comes out to about $1k per iPod which is a rip.

There doesn't seem to be any justification of $12k for this collection, especially since some of them aren't in MIB.
I can't believe this guy wants $12,000? I could maybe see $1,000, but would that even be a little high for old iPods? I understand they are all in great shape, with most all the original packaging, and contents, but this is way too high!!

I'd just as soon spend $12k on a TAM still sealed in the box, a very fine 128k (could there still be one of these left in the box somewhere?), and maybe the Holy Grail of Apple artifacts, an original Lisa still sealed in box, and never opened!!!!

I know your thinking, "There just isn't such a thing out there!" One of the guys at Database Systems (The local Apple reseller in Springfield, MO) says there are rumors that there is one!! I was talking to him yesterday, telling him about Retro Mac Cast. I told him about Alfred who bought the TAM that was still sealed, new in box for a little over $1,000 off of eBay. He told me that as long as Database Systems has been in business in Springfield, which I believe stretches back into the early 80's, there has always been a rumor that resurfaces every few years. There is supposed to be an original Lisa computer, new in box, still sealed from the factory, somewhere in Springfield, MO. He has never seen it, and the story never says who has it, but it's supposed to exist!!

Now this may be just a story, an Apple "Urban Legend" if you will, or could it have a spark of truth to it?? Maybe it's not even a Lisa still sealed in the box, but maybe the best preserved Lisa in the world, complete with pristine boxes, and all the extras as they come with it??!! And to top it off, what if the thing still work perfect, like it did the day it left Apple, like the last 27 years had never happened????!!!! How much would you be willing to spend for this Lisa??

I don't know about $12,000 for a bunch of iPods, I already have a 160GB Classic! But for either of the Lisa's described above, I'd probably take out a mortgage on my house to get the $12,000 for that "gem"!!!!




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