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In this chapter of the PB1400 saga, I tried to install a IDE CompactFlash adapter.  It was going perfectly until I realized that there was either a stopper or a pin stuck inside my ribbon cable.  I can't seem to get it out with any tweezers or sewing pins that I have tried.  Further examination of the original hard drive reveals that there are indeed only 43 pins, but there doesn't seem to be any hole where another one would have gone. The pin in question is the thirteenth from the left on the bottom row, assuming that you are looking directly at the pins, labeled side of the drive facing upward.  How should I go about getting this out?  Or should I just buy a new cable?  It's just a standard 44-pin IDE cable.  I'd rather not go through the first 120 pages of the service manual dismantling it if possible.  Thanks in advance.

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info :

The pin in question is the thirteenth from the left on the bottom row
seagate drive

On a laptop hard drive there are 2 groups of pins. One group has 43...
Thanks for the info. Basically, one pin has been blocked on the cable, but the pin is present on the device itself. I'm still not sure how to get the adapter inside the drive, however.
You are not the first one trying this

ask details
I have been to that blog post and have a nearly identical 1 GHz Titanium PB that I have upgraded the hard drive in. I can assure you that it has a full 44-pin connector. The problem is not with the adapter, but with the 1400 itself. The PB1400 Developer Note acknowledges that the ribbon is keyed. Is it possible to replace a keyed connecter with a non-keyed one?
You can replace the ribbon cable with a non keyed one. Or you could cut the pin off the new adapter, all of the pins on that row are ground pins.
Thank you. That's exactly the information that I was looking for. I don't want to remove the pin from the adapter itself as that would void the warranty, but I'll look into that as an option in case I can't replace the ribbon itself for some reason.




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