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There are Apple collectors who are interested in just the shipping boxes. I've put up for bid an empty retail box for the Apple iPod 10GB 1st generation model.In my research, Apple had two different boxes for the 10GB model, and two different boxes for the 5GB model. The 10GB model had either Jimi Hendrix or Miles Davis, while the 5GB box had either Bob Marley or Billie Holiday. So in a way, a die-hard Apple collector would need all four boxes. The box I've up for bid is Hendrix.

It'll be interesting to see what bids or offers I get for this.

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When came Sony's Walkman to this world ? - The same year.
Goes great with the P-P-P-Powerbook! :-D
Hey, it's less than 54 $ US to ship it to Germany !
But to be serious, as an eBay offer is deleted two months after, you may add a picture here.
BTW - I could send you empty boxes for the 5500, eMac, G4 and of a few monitors, Zip drive... :-)
Apple sure knows (knew?) how to package things. I've been less impressed in the last couple of years, but unboxing my first iMac in 2003 was a stunning experience.
Although the prices fell the last years, a new computer still is a thing you don't buy every day -
and it has to be packaged well.
Imagine you'll receive it sended...
As I received my G4 as a present from my sister two years ago, it was originally re-packed,
but without the instruction manuals for 10.4.
There came a brand new monitor with it - I know what you mean.
I recently discovered (while doing research for an article I was writing on the topic) that Apple actually lets you know exactly what the carbon footprint of all their products are. They recycle and minimize packing materials whenever possible. That's the good part. Now, the problem is that it isn't really possible to truly track and/or quantify a carbon footprint given all the variables that simply can't be controlled (transportation, whenever the product ends up, etc) but given how difficult it is to track anything of this nature, I give them A for effort, regardless.




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