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FREE to good home (UK): Performa 5400, PowerMac G3, PowerMac 4400/200

Hello all,

I'm moving house soon which has necessitated a clear out of some of the old computer gear. I have up for grabs:

- Performa 5400 180MHz 136MB RAM, 4GB hard drive. This is actually a Performa 5200 with a 6400/180 motherboard installed, it also has an ethernet and video input card. It is running Mac OS 9.1, would probably be better to put it down to OS 8 or System 7 to speed it up a bit. There's some software and games on the hard drive.

- Power Macintosh G3/266 tower, hard drive and RAM unknown (need to check). Running Mac OS 9.1, very little in the way of software on it.

- Power Macintosh 4400/200 - the "ugly duckling" Mac which looks like a PC. Hard drive and RAM unknown but it dual boots either Mac OS 8 or BeOS, I remember setting that up years ago. - CURRENTLY DOES NOT TURN ON

Keyboards, mice and power leads for the above will be provided.

I'm offering these for free to anyone who wants them, there's no point sticking them on eBay, getting 99p only then having to deal with the shipping. I'd prefer for someone take them all off my hands in one go.

I will not post these, you can come and pick them up from Ayr in Scotland (about 30 miles South of Glasgow). Alternatively, I am travelling to Manchester next Friday (30th August) for the weekend so could meet up there or somewhere on the M6 / M61 on the way. 

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These have now been taken off my hands by a local friend who seems to be enjoying them.




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