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FS: Mac OS X Public Beta and LeMans 1980 Apple car model ...

Mac OS X Public beta in original pamflet $ 35 + $ 15 priority mail worldwide shipping 

LeMans 1980 Apple car

Scale: 1:43
Condition: Mint in Box
Material: Diecas

$ 35 + worldwide priority mail shipping ($ 15)

Quake II Mac CD (double CD audio + data) = $ 25 shipped worldwide

PPC 604 -233 in box with manuall + floppy = $ 25 shipped worldwide

I accept PAYPAL only.

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Hi, is the Mac OS X Public beta still available for sale? Does it still install if I change my computer's date the proper beta period? Thank you!

It has been sold ..

Thanks, I was curious if anyone jumped on it. Do you know if it's still possible to install these disks? In case I buy a set off eBay. Thanks!

Is the car still available?  The picture isn't loading.

nope :) this post is from 2010




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