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I'm sorry James and John, I didn't update the forum here when I posted part 2 of the interview. It was posted the next day everyone -

It was also published by The Mac Observer with a full transcript -



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Thanks much for posting these interviews! It was great to hear another perspective on Apple after reading the Steve Jobs biography.

this is a good interview,   i have a 100% different view of him after this interview!

Thanks, I'm really happy to hear that. Obviously you can still point to mistakes, bad judgements, hear of arrogance and / or elitism, no different than Steve Jobs. Steve was certainly worse in how he treated people at times. My basic premise was just that the guy doesn't deserve being lambasted as ruining Apple. James and John have covered and spoken about many a great ol' Mac from the days of John Sculley!

Anyone who actually reads through or listens to most of it seem to change their mind, unfortunately, there seems to be a large group of people who just dismiss it and say, "oh, now he wants to re-write history since Steve's dead" and stuff like that. It's just a shame that a lot of news sites made it seem that he sought out the attention on this topic vs. my approaching him and setting a premise that I thought he's been treated unfairly by history.

You do a great job! I like listening to your podcasts,  please keep it up!   I also really like the interview with sun re-marketing.

They obviously didn't listen to much of the interview if they came away with those kinds of conclusions. I think one of the big things it clears up is the point that Sculley wasn't in charge when Apple was licensing out to other computer makers and allowing them to build clones. I think that was one of their biggest mistakes of the time. I remember thinking that as it was going on. And he wasn't in charge when Steve Jobs came back and overhauled the company either. So, it's tough to level all the blame of Apple's failures at Sculley. He probably contributed a lot to Apple's downfall, but he also contributed a lot of good things to Apple, which the interview also brings into focus. My first Mac was a Sculley Mac.

I spent time listening to all of part one and part two, thanks.




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