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We all love our old Macs, but has anyone gotten to take a swipe at Lion yet?

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Less control for me, fewer choices as a programmer (lacks Java), farther from its Unix roots, more walled garden a la iOS - it's kind of a non-starter for me.  But I'm not exactly Apple's target demographic, either. ;-)

  I was going to post a long argument about why virtually everything you said was wrong, "In fact, I did". But whats the point?  Arguing on forums is a waste of time.


 Even on these tiny forums you find troll blowhards like you.  Good riddance.


 BTW you can easily install Java. Or do you know how to install something mister "programmer"

Oh, my!  Sorry, didn't mean to offend.  It's just that they're moving in the wrong direction for my tastes.  Yes, I can install java.  So will everyone else who wants to run what I write in it.


Anyway, for some information on what Lion contains, you can read this article, which contains lots of leaks from folks who have run it:




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