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Hi everyone,

Due to tropical storm Irene and the demise of my Intel Macbook Pro a few weeks before, I've been pretty computer challenged of late. I abandoned my power outaged condo to visit my Mom and dragged along my less than portable iMac G5 power pc. They have a newer post Intel Mac airport they use for wireless. So, I powered up and tried to join the network. The iMac immediately went batshit and said I needed to hold down the power button. I restarted a few times and it kept going back to the grey screen and need to hold the power button down. It finally hit me that it probably had someting to do with my attempt to join the network, so I turned Airport off. After that it powered up fine.


Has anyone else experienced this? Is there any way to join the network without a problem? Are there routers that will work with both intel Macs and Power PC's?


This situation has gone a long way in explaining why my intel Macbook Pro used to drop the signal to my cable modem frequently with my older router I got when I purchased the G5 Power PC iMac. I'm now wondering whether that put an unusual strain on it and caused it's untimely death.


Any input on this would be much appreciated.



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I really can't see why their would be any kind of network incompatibility related to the processor of your Mac.  Based on your test, it seems there is at least something flaky occurring with your Airport hardware causing some system instability.  I still regularly connect Macs much older than your G5 iMac to my network which is run by an Airport Extreme.

It sounds to me like you may have a corrupt preference file or a software update needs downloading.  Also, run Disk Utility from the OS X install disk to see if you have other problems on the drive or files and folders. 


Try it and reply back with results. 


73s de Phreakout.

I can't really test this out. i was at my Mom's place at the end of storm Irene that weekend. It was her Airport that was giving me the problem. My imac is as updated as it will go. I'll probably try out the disk utility when I have some time. Thanks for the response.




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