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Getting files onto my LCII (and soon-to-be-bought compact mac)

Ok, I've got a bunch of macs running OSX (Powermac G4, two G5s, two Pismos, an iMac G3, etc) none of which have a floppy drive. I have an LCII which has no CDROM drive (although I do have a 50-pin SCSI CDROM if that'd work - it's from my SGI Indigo set-up) and I have a PC running XP Pro and Linux that has a floppy drive.


 The question is, using this kit, how do I cobble a MacGyver-like solution together to get the apps I have downloaded for the LCII off of the G5's desktop and onto the little pizza box? I'm desperate to get Cosmic Osmo, Zork and some good ol' point-and-click adventures running on it!

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You could try networking them. If you don't have ethernet on the LCII you could network over the serial ports with the Pismo, but you may need to boot the Pismo in OS9. I can't remember if the serial ports work in OS X or not. Also, the LCII should be able to read a PC floppy disk.
How about Zip drives ? An SCSI for the LCII, a USB for the other computers - a solution for £10-15.




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