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Well its been a while coming but i finally bit the bullet and ordered a shiny new Macbook Pro. This will be my 4th Mac and the first time i have bought a computer instead of making it myself!

So what must have apps should I get? Games or utilities, emulators etc.

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Nambu is a handy Twitter client.

GeekTool for all sorts of unix based desktop customization.

Parallels or Fusion if you must run Win XP/Vista or any Linux distro.

The Unarchiver to handle every type of compressed file out there.

Transmission for all your Torrent needs.

Growl for system notifications.

Adium. Best. IM Client. Ever.
Your new machine needs a Classic environment and the !
I second Transmission, Growl, and Adium. I'm surprised Apple hasn't co-opted Growl yet ala Konfabulator...

Add to this list GraphicConverter for general-purpose image editing and conversion. TextWrangler is second only to BBEdit as a swiss army knife for coders.

SizzlingKeys if you're a heavy iTunes user.

Perian and Flip4Mac allows QuickTime to handle all those "other" video formats.

(BootXChanger and Displaperture if you're like me and miss the happy Mac and rounded screen corners from the good ol' days)
What about some of the emulators that James and John talked about the last two episodes? ;-)
thanks everyone, gonna be busy downloading all of these!!

Definitely go with those emulators, my Windows machine is severely lacking in Apple 2 emulation.
I think the following list is well done
thats spot on!

great list indeed




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