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As I mentioned on my blog (, my in-laws just donated a mint Macintosh LCii complete with matching 13" (12"?) monitor, StyleWriter printer, scanner, microphone, etc. The machine is absolutely pristine and I'm really looking forward to playing with it.

I am probably going to use it mainly for writing, but have a bunch of old games I'll probably put on it. I'm thinking of text adventures and the odd point and click adventure, mainly. However, I might see if I can't do some serious work on it, too. I once ran an entire project for a multinational client using nothing but my iPhone and my Newton MessagePad 110 just to see how little in the way of bloated Microsoft apps I actually neede and it ran like a dream, so I might see if I can't run a project in a 1993 style - Filofax and LCii should cover all bases!

Once I've got the studio organised I'll take some photos as I'm currently cannibalising one G5 powermac for ram and drives for the second G5 that doesn't kernel panic... Anyone know where I can get a dual 2.0ghz logic board in the uk?

I'm currently chasing an SE/30 and a Colour Classic on eBay, but am torn between either a IIfx or a IIci as a next machine - any suggestions?

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The Apple 12" RGB has exactly the dimensions of the LC's cases. It is limited to 512 x 384 pixels.
Hmmm, IIfx or IIci? How much desk space do you have? If you've got some to spare, go for the IIfx. It's great being able to tell people that you have a $10,000 computer :)
@ John - have you ever estimated the original pricing of your or James's collections ?
Ohhh, interesting thought.
Calculating the software costs in addition, that's far more than a few 100,000 of bucks !
The has most of the original US prices; in Europe they usually even were higher.
Well, I can probably top the $10k machine thing with my Silicon Graphics boxes... my little Indigo originally retailed for £13,000 without the extra RAM, CDROM drive or upgraded graphics board! The Origin 2000 deskside server I am hoping to get hold of was around £70k new. And I'd kill for an old Crimson, but as they cost £115k new and weigh about 70kg, finding one is pretty difficult!

Having said that, I'd trade all my SGis bar the Indigo for a NeXTstation Color Turbo... (or even better, a Cube with NeXTDimension). In fact, for the cube, I'd probably throw in a G5 powermac and possibly the family pet!

No luck so far with the compact Mac hunt - I'm find of the SE/30 for tech reasons, but fond of the Classic II for sentimental reasons and still haven't had a response from on a request about what they had in stock, which meant I missed out on a couple of nice boxes on eBay... *sigh*
Hi Chance,

I also emailed a couple of times and got no response. I decided to give them a call and they told me they had no Mac stuff in stock. I believe they buy and sell all kinds of IT equipment, and is also them.

It's a shame they don't have the stock as their prices a very reasonable. Good luck with your hunting.

BTW, A place I used to work had a SGi Indigo.
I always thought it a shame that Apple didn't buy SGI when they ditched the PowerPC chips - the fact is that my Indigo could match I/O rates with an AGP Pro-equipped PC Worksation 8 years younger... and the old O2 can process live video in 3D with zero lag. Imagine that sort of bandwidth on a G5-style machine - SGI proved for years that the power comes through smart design, not raw CPU speed and lots of busses.

Oddly, Steve Jobs appeared in promo videos for SGI talking about how great the Octanes Pixar used on Toy Story were... In an ideal world, I'd have an updated Indigo style machine with Quad dual-core G5s, running something equvalent to updated O2 or VPro graphics. With OS X powering the system, it would be superb - SGI and Apple were very like-minded in demanding the best hardware design and simple access to power.

What might have been...
Good luck on the Colour Classic. They are sooo much fun to play with!
This week an LCII (with a lot of software and other things and in very good condition) scored Euros 152 !
One-hundred and fifty-two ! An eBay rookie...




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