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Morning, I've got an old mac se with carrying case (seen these go for $100 themselves)
So, this is what I've got... Anyone know what it's worth?

(1) Macintosh SE
4mb RAM

(2) floppy drives

(1) 20mb SCSI hard disk (Internal)

(1) ADB keyboard
(1) ADB cable for keyboard
(1) ADB mouse
(1) Carrying case

feel free to ask anything else about it. I'm sure I can figure it out.

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I'd find it hard to pay more than $70 for that…

eBay is not a good example of Mac values, the prices are often 10x what the product is actually worth.

I think you need a picture.

Demand for a working SE isn't too high since they are fairly common. The case adds a little value. The big determining factor is going to be how yellow the plastic case is. Yellowing depreciates the value.

For an SE I would pay $15-35 in person. For a third party case (depending on the condition) I would offer $10-20. An Apple branded case would naturally yield more. 




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