Where great old Macs live again!

even though people that can drive a car won't think they are retro but in the 1st episode of 24 there are a lot of retro mac
the episode aired in november of 2001 i am only 24 min in and i saw a powerbook g4 titanium, ibook g3 graphite clamshell, powermac g4 cube, an apple crt display and possibly a powermac g4 connected to a 23 acd acylic version , but that might be the one connected to the cube

ohh just saw an apple lcd pre acrylic version
ohh just saw a powermac g4 on a desk
and another on the floor
and they are using os 9

and btw it is on hulu ... sorry people in other countries ... but hey with our economy you could buy the season for like 2 euros or even yen

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There are lots of Mac's in the first season, you get to see the G4 cube also!




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