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I have a PowerMac running OS 9.1, and I wish to transfer a 32MB file out to my current Mac (I have one running Snow Leopard and one running Mountain Lion). This is the harddisk image of my Apple IIGS (running on emulator) which contains my son's old work.

The PowerMac can be connected to the net, but 32MB file is probably too big for email, and many sites probably won't recognised IE on OS 9 anymore. 

I can also connect the machine directly to another iMac G4 that I have (running Tiger), but I don't have the cross cable, can a normal Ethernet cable work?

What is the best way to get my file out? Thanks!

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System 9 supports file sharing via TCP/IP and you can connect them through a Ethernet hub.

My Ethernet hub is far away from the machines (my house is primary WiFi). Do you suggest I create a little hub to connect 2 machines (I am not too familiar with this), or something that I can connect direct?

Use the ethernet cable you've got.  The Mac (running 10.6) should be able to sense the tx/rx.

I tried with the iMac (white Intel, running 10.6).

- if I switch on Internet sharing (shared WiFi as Ethernet), the PowerMac can see it and have Internet access!

- switch on FTP sharing - did not see any folder sharing option on iMac - and attempt to access the FTP server from PowerMac. Asked user name/password, tried the account name/password (password is empty) failed, empty name/password failed.

- switch on AFP sharing and attempt to use Network browser or Chooser, does not see the iMac.

Any ideas?

Do you have "File Sharing" ticked in the Sharing options under System Preferences?


Also, seeing that you've got internet sharing working, if you have a Dropbox account (free), maybe you can put the disk image in from the 7200, and then get it out on the iMac?

"File Sharing" in Snow Leopard is ticked. 

Does Dropbox supports OS 9? Has anybody uploaded anything to Dropbox before using such an old machine?

Have a look at 


It covers AFP connections including steps for OSX and MOS9 (and MOS8)

Connect both machines with a firewire cable.  Boot one in "Target Disk Mode" by holding down the "T" key during startup. When booted in Target Mode, the firewire logo will be on the screen.

Boot the other Mac normally, and you will see the other's drive mounted in Finder.  Transfer the file onto, or off the mounted Mac.

When done, eject the Mac in Target disk mode, then power it off.

Even better!  Faster and zero-configuration!

But my PowerMac 7200 has no firewire.

PowerMac 7200 does not have Firewire right?

It doesn't have it built-in.




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