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I have an iMac G3 Graphite Special Edition (I believe 99), well actually 2, but I'm wanting to connect my nicer one I got off of craigslist to the internet. I am used to setting up internet on a Mac running OS X but the only experience I've had using internet on OS 9 was with dial-up with my original '98 Bondi blue I previously owned.

I have cable internet with a router so I can connect wirelessly on my intel iMac. At the least, I would like to be able to plug the ethernet cable directly into the iMac G3 for connectivity. I do know some people have been successful using a "bridge" - which I used one in my powerbook back in '04, but I have no idea how to use one of these on a G3.

Anyone able to offer, or  link me to, a step-by-step to get me connected on the G3? =)

ps- i should also add that when I tried to plug into ethernet via the internet setup on 9, I was prompted multiple (as in 12 or so) different numbers in an IP format.

If you guys could help that'd be great, I've been looking for an old mac forum and hope this is the right place! I have recently obtained two iMac g3's, one indigo, one graphite (my favorite) ... as well as an eMac. thanks for your help!

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Welcome to RetroMacCast!

Have you checked your TCP/IP settings on your iMac? Which would be under the network settings.

If you are in OS 9, you can open the TCP/IP control panel and select the Built-in Ethernet connection.

Restart after you make your changes.

If you get a 169.254.x.x IP address, something is wrong.

Hope this helps!

1.) Do you plan on having more than one Mac connected online at the same time?  If so, I would recommend you purchase/acquire a cheap Ethernet Hub/Router with x-number-of-port switch.  This will allow you to share the Internet connection amongst multiple computers simultaneously. 

I have a hunch what's happening is you have the cable modem normally directly connected to the Intel iMac.  You probably ran a CD that was included or downloaded from your Internet provider in order to set that Mac up as a single computer online.  The cable modem's addresses are registered to that Mac alone.  That's why you're listing 12 or so different IP addresses linked to their DNS servers.  Once you add the hub/router in place, you won't have to worry about being limited to one Mac. 

Cable modem <===Ethernet cable===> Hub/Router (WAN Port) <===x-number-of-ethernet-cables-to-each-Mac===> Macintoshes

Follow the above hookup diagram and use your Intel iMac to change the settings in the Hub/Router; then again, it may automatically set itself up, depending on the manufacturer.  The hub/router should then start giving out IP addresses in the format of or similar (Apple Airport Base Stations can issue out that sequence along with, as an example.).  The iMac G3 should see the new hub/router and be issued a new IP address.  If not, try restarting.  If still no luck, try resetting PRAM (Apple + Option + P + R) followed by resetting the nvram:

(Apple + Option + O + F after restarting), then

type in "reset-nvram" press Enter

type in "set-defaults" press Enter

type in "reset-all" press Enter

After all this, you should see an IP address from the hub/router and you should be online. 

Good Luck!

73s de Phreakout. 




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