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Hi all,

Maybe you can help with this. I've been using an iMac G4 running OS 10.2.8 as a living room stereo. It's pretty cool looking with the standard screen saver going. I bought a new iomega 1 tb drive thinking I'd be able to use it with the iMac G4 and access all my tunes. I currently have about 40,000 tunes, which obviously won't fit on the G4 drive. I made sure to get an iomega drive that uses USB and Firewire 400 & 800, figuring I'd need the firewire 400 to connect to any of my retro machines. I tested the drive when I got it and it connected no problem to the G4. Well, now that I've got a bunch of stuff on the drive- finally loaded all the cd's and got the 40,000 tunes on the drive, the darn thing won't mount. Any suggestions?



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What format is the drive that you are using? 

According to its specs it shipped in HFS+ format and it's an eSATA drive. It's the Iomega eGo 1TB USB 2.0 FireWire 800 Desktop External Hard Drive Mac Edition - 34794. Here's a link to the website:

I'm wondering if I need to partition it since it has so much data on it. Maybe it's too much for the g4 to handle. Though, I'm having no problem hooking it to my graphite clamshell laptop thus far, but that's running OS 10.3.

It's frustrating because i know I hooked it up when I bought the drive before anything was on it and it mounted fine.

OK, so I decided to get out both my drives-the Iomega eGo 1TB USB 2.0 FireWire 800 Desktop External Hard Drive Mac Edition - 34794 and the Iomega eGo Ruby Red Portable Hard Drive, Mac Edition and my graphite clamshell (running OS 10.3) with the G4 iMac (running OS 10.2.8), just to test it all again. My little iomega portable wouldn't mount to the G4, so I disconnected it. The desktop iomega drive I described below also wouldn't mount to it. So I booted up the graphite clamshell, hooked the the desktop unit to it and it mounted immediately.

Then on a lark, I disconnected it and hooked it back up to the G4 iMac. It mounted immediately! I have no idea why it worked this time.

my suggestion is open it up and throw a new hard drive in there, i've put 120gb in those, no problem at all!

Unfortunately, I'd need at least 250 GB just to get all my tunes in it, and that wouldn't leave any room for the operating system. My whole purpose with this machine is to have a cool retro living room iTunes stereo. If I can't get all the tunes into it, it defeats the purpose of the machine. Fortunately, by some miracle, the drive finally mounted and I was able to add the 40,000 tunes to my iTunes library. So, my dream stereo is now a reality. I may get some Harman Kardon soundsticks for it now. But those'll likely cost me more than the computer did. LOL




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