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Does anyone know of a compatible drive for my old iMac?

I know that I can check ebay etc but I would like to know some model numbers that might work. Does anyone even know if I can even buy a new compatible 3rd party optical drive?

Thanks in advance for any information.

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For your model (not sure of which speed CPU), they did have a 4x CD-RW slot loading drives as a stock spec I can't seem to find the Apple part numbers that match as a replacement for the CD-RW, but the slot load CD-ROM part number is 661-2224 and the DVD-ROM (slot load for the previous revision) is 661-2225.  Another alternative would be to attach an external USB or Fire-wire 400 drive.  The best part about that is you can go CD-RW only, DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo drive or a SuperDrive DVD and CD recording/burning.  Going external is much easier than tearing apart your iMac to put a drive in and the prices are reasonable.  Plus, you can boot off of discs via either interface, if you want.  One note: you may have to utilize the fix on some drives, especially DVD burners, to be compatible with your iMac. 





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