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Good ol' UW Whitewater surplus had another hidden treasure! I was able to find a full box of feeder paper that will work with the Imagewriter I and II that have been sitting in my Apple collection. I also have three unused ribbons ready to go.

I need some good software to test these things out. I remember from my gradeschool days that there print was an Apple II game that allowed you to print your own funny money, but I don't remember what the name was. I also remember that there were some banner programs out there. 

Got any good program recommendations RMC crowd?


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The built-in diagnostic? :-) (hold down the Page/Form Feed button while powering up the ImageWriter) The Print Shop is an obvious but boring recommendation. Macintosh Garden has a copy: And there's something called Bannermania, too, which is unique because it's
not Print Shop: But if you want to get stupid—err, I mean, serious—there's the `banner` command that's included with Mac OS X and many other Unix distributions. banner "Hi Ken" or banner "Hi Ken" > output.txt Stick the output on a floppy, print with no margins and you're good to go. Or if you're
really insane, use the AppleTalk option board in your ImageWriter II (if you have one) plus the free LocalTalk<->Ethernet Bridge software to print directly from Mac OS X to your ImageWriter. Hah!

Thanks for the suggestions Derek!

The good news is that I fired up the Imagewriter II and it WORKS! Next will be the original Imagewriter.

I'm giving The Print Shop a try right now. Unfortunately the download link at Macintosh Garden for Bannermania isn't working. :\

As for the unix printing over Appletalk to the Imagewriter, that sounds just obscure enough to warrant purchasing the necessary hardware. Just in case. For science!




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