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Only been on the block for one day and its already up to $ 1500!

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$ 4 000 now !


I can see 5/6K looming!
It's gonna set a record ! I can feel it.
Bidding looks suspect to me.

Yeah, I don't think I've ever seen so many new bidder iD's bidding on an item before. I've concluded I agree with you- kinda like the auction(s) of the Lisa a few months back. I believe the seller ran it up too- to $15,000- then what offered it again. This time it "sold" for $9000 and to later be offered again.



Shill baby, shill. The bidding looks extremely suspect!
Did you see the MacUser "Eddy" trophy on eBay for 999.00 . Its a 1996. I have a 1992. What's it worth?
As with all this vintage stuff, it's worth whatever someone is prepared to pay for it. The market for MacUser "Eddy" trophies would not be very big I would imagine.....

He's bbbaaaccckkkk. Same unit same description, basically. Seller ID is different and actually this ID has never sold anything- feedback is only as a buyer. 





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