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I've had the week off and planned a few weeks ago to "Retr0Bright" a few of my beloved Mac Plus'. Several questions came out of the project and I'd just love for someone to converse with me on several issues I've had. I know Steve liked the convection cooled Mac and, to be honest, I do too. I have two kids and when they are asleep my Plus keeps the house a sweet kind of quiet. But I was swayed to buy a Kensington System Saver for my Plus when I read a thread about it on the 68kMLA boards. It came in the mail today and I noticed several things.

1) It was yellowed badly and I think they all are. It also wasn't originally the color of my beige Plus. It isn't even the color of a platinum Plus. But, oh well. This wasn't bought for cosmetics. It was bought to keep my Plus up and happily cooled.

2) It uses the power from the Plus power supply? Mine (and I assume all) plugs into the PS of the Plus and the Kensington unit itself plugs into the wall. It has a few handy plug-ins for peripherals but only one cord. That's nice.

3) The fan is a tank compared to today's standards. This one spins freely and quietly but I didn't notice any real hot air coming out. My Plus gets hot.

4) It seemed to tank my Plus. Here's where I would REALLY like some feedback. When I put the Kensington fan on I noticed my Plus had a wavy screen at times and while playing Pipe Dream it locked up at about level 4. The Plus hadn't been on long at all. I thought it could be a coincidence but the chance was slim. I took the "System Saver" off and came back this evening and began to play Pipe Dream again. No wavy screen but it did lock up on me again. It's disappointing because I've used this Plus weekly for two years. Can anyone report or confirm my negative thoughts towards the Kensington System Saver? How about a fix for system that keeps locking up? I'll test with other programs just to make sure it isn't software related.

Just as a note - I bought another Plus (I have too many now) and began to Retr0Bright it. I couldn't find regular glycerin so I had to go with vegetable glycerin. After 12 hours my beige Plus is still several shades from being the original color. The SE family fares better however. After 12 hours a mouse and keyboard frame looked great. My Plus isn't as white as I want but it looks great and looks clean too. If I can just figure out how to open my HD20's I'll retro them as well.

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Back when i used to have a mac plus, i had a similar device for it, it sat in the handle slot and had power pass through to the plus.

have you tried opening up the fan? it might need some cleaning. Dust might be blocking it from operating properly. If not, maybe the transformer in side the fan might be going? that might explain the screen flickering.

Have you heard of the MacChimney? That might be a useful solution, it keeps your mac cool, but does generate noise or require power!
Is the MacChimney for real? You can't mean this...

I've opened the System Saver and it looks clean and seems to work fine outside being paired with the Plus. On the Plus it seems to interfere with the video. I believe I nailed my freeze up to the HD20, however. I'm about to lose a HD20 I fear. I really wish there was a way to save them. I wonder if I have a weak PS on the Plus - but I only run into trouble with it when the Kensington is in the loop.

The Kensington System Saver sets in the handle slot so that's probably what you had with your Plus.
yup, thats the one! haha I came across it in one of the early editions of the macintosh bible. I guess its worth a try, something you could fashion out of a cardboard box. Though, honestly, I could not imagine using a computer with it on top.

Sorry to hear one of the HD20's is going! Is there any documentation on the web on replacing the drive with something else?

I miss the days of silent computing with my plus, but running my various 'books off flash memory comes close!
I recommend Retr0bright to eliminate yellowing.
The gel solution is my favorite, and I can predict you will be amazed by the results.

Check out my SE Maquarium compared to the one next to it.
Sean - the HD20 houses a Rodime drive so it's near impossible to replace. It's really not even flash card friendly. It would take a dedicated project to find something to replace these old Rodime drives, unfortunately.

As far as retr0bright goes, I've actually been using it all week. I've seen great results on the SE family and platinum color Plus's but not so much with the earlier truly beige Macs. I'm having trouble getting mine back to their original color. As far as the color of the Kensington System Saver goes it wouldn't do much good to retro it because it was never the same color as the system, beige or platinum.

I think I'll chalk this one up to a bad System Saver - I know Kensington probably sold a ton of these things. I do have a little trouble with that way of thinking, however. I bought an external fan for my XBOX 360 and it really was garbage - but I bet they sold well too.




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