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Never before have I experienced a greater example of this kind of abuse. Today I posted to their feedback group, lemlists, a question as to why moderated spam posts are being permitted. A nanny responded to my question offlist and unprovoked with a very hostile message basically boiling down to "get a education and shutup". Obviously appauled by such representation by the nannies of LEM I forwarded the offlist response to the lemlists list asking if everyone truly thought such administration action was acceptable. The nanny responded to that by putting me on moderation status for that list. I then just recently checked on the other lem lists I subscribe to only to find the nanny banned me from all the major lists I subscribed to without explanation. I cannot believe there is such unchecked abuse of administrative powers at that community. Until such behavior is rectify I recommend boycotting the lem community.

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It is unfortunate that you had such a negative experience with an lem list nanny. You may have had a better turnout with a different course of action. Basically start with contacting the offender privately, then move up the supervision chain. This is good advice for conflict resolution in any community.

That said I don't think many are going to join your lem boycott if it continues to serve the rest of retro Mac crowd well.
Which nanny was it? I bet it was Fabian...




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