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If there are any other Hermes II SysOps visiting here, I need your help.

About three years ago, when Michael Alyn Miller rewrote parts of Hermes, and switched from writing externals in Pascal to writing them in Python/Jython, I wrote a completely new external that was based on the example code in Michael's new version of Leech, which was the only external Michael actually ever wrote using Python/Jython.

The name of my external was "Get-to-Know-You" version 1.0.3.

After that, in his last and final release of Hermes II before he made it open source, Michael made yet another code change, and switched from Python/Jython to the Forth language, even though he never released any externals in that language.

At any rate, because of these changes, Hermes II -- at least the latest version, 3.5.11, which you must compile yourself -- is now without any externals whatsoever. Neither the old Pascal externals will work with it, or the new version of Leech, or my new external, which are both written in Python/Jython.

Well, somewhere along the way, I apparently trashed my "Get-to-Know-You" external. I no longer have any parts of it on any of my hard drives. With Michale switching over to the Forth language, I saw no reason to hold on to my external, I suppose.

However, due to the fact that it is now a part of Hermes II history, at least in a small way, I would really like to have a copy of "Get-to-Know-You" to add to my Hermes II file collection here.

So, if you happen to be one of the Hermes II SysOps who downloaded and used my external, I would really appreciate if you could give me a copy of it.

Thanks so much!

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