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Greetings again RetroMacCast friends,

As some of you already know, I operate a BBS which serves as a software museum-repository-archive site where I collect old, abandoned and long forgotten Macintosh software. I believe that it is important that the younger generation is made aware of our computing history on the Macintosh platform.

While the archive includes a growing list of software titles, I am particularly interested in the history of social networks, such as PC-ANSI-based BBSes, as well as other newer P2P protocols such as Hotline, Carracho, KDX, Wired, etc. That, of course, includes the short-lived Revanex Suite.

Sadly, despite my best efforts -- including writing to both of the former developers of Revanex -- I have not been able to acquire a copy of the Revanex Suite, or its source code. Even the developers -- Edward Brawer and Stephane Castel -- have been unable to assist me concerning this quest.

As a last resort, I am posting a message here, in the hope that someone who downloaded the Revanex suite years ago, may possibly still have it on their hard drive, or perhaps on some old backup drive.

If you do have it, and are willing to share it with me, please leave a contact message below, or log on to my Hotline server at, and upload a copy of Revanex and/or its source code to my drop box in the files area.

If you happen to need a Hotline client, you can find them on my Armageddon BBS website at Look for the links near the bottom of any page on the site.

Thanks in advance!

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