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Well, after two years kicking around an idea to get a Mac 512K on a modern network, I've finally got all the pieces together I needed.

I was able to connect a Mac 512K to my iMac running Snow Leopard, as well as iPhones and iPads. This was accomplished by a bridge Mac, where I was able to send the AppleTalk share forward as FTP.

I've got some videos and documentation up on my web site for anyone who's interested.

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I'd like to do this too... where can I get easyshare and rumpus? I trolled around Mac GUI City, but don't see downloadable versions there.
The EasyShare demo is on my public iDisk (nilesmitchell).

The Classic Mac OS version of Rumpus can be downloaded from their site at this link.

It's a demo. I'm currently talking with Maxium to see if they would consider making this version free, since they no longer sell it. I pointed out that Mac OS classic versions of Transmit and Netpresenz are free now. I'll make a post if they decide to give it away.

Be sure to use Rumpus' built in secuirty, and not Apple's User and Groups. This will allow you to "share a share".
Perfect - thanks for hacking your way through this, and thanks for your efforts with Maximum!
Glad to see other's trying it! Will you be using a Mac 512K or a Mac 512Ke?
I've actually been playing with remote booting Apple II's with Ken Fager's how-to. I thought it would be nice to have a bi-directional pipe working to my server, which is a Performa 636CD or so. I could go all the way back to a Mac Plus, too.
I guess I'm confused as to where you'd need EasyShare in all of this. Or was it just Rumpus you're needing?
In my case, Rumpus is really it, yes. But if I use easyshare instead of Apple's offering, I could share remote resources... which would be cool!

I have a pile of old hardware, and I usually build up a cascading lineup of macs to get from old to new from time to time - depending on what it is I'm trying to move around. So knowing this as a pathway is just another tool in the toolbox when the need arises.
Gotcha. On the Mac Plus and higher, with System 7, you can do the same thing, without the restrictions of the Easyshare demo (10 minute timeout). If you're on System 6 with these older machines, EasyShare would come in handy, but really the only Mac that has to use it is the 512.
For some software I find I need to be running 6.0.8 - so Easyshare would keep me from needing to switch systems around.
Glad to see my flagrant nerdery isn't a total waste of time JustSomeGuy. What kind of Apple IIs are you booting? :D
I picked up a Workstation card off of the bay the other day - I've booted a IIe platinum, and a GS ROM01. Strangely enough, I can't get my ROM03 to boot! I'm reasonably sure the serial ports are ok, since I've used ADTPro with them. So that remains a vexing mystery. Looking back in comp.sys.apple2 archives, it seems that it was ROM01 machines that would give people trouble... leave it to me to be a rebel!
What are you using as your server? AppleShare 2 or 3?




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