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Hello all,

New to RMC, glad to be here. I received a Mac Plus for the holidays, it came with the original mouse but no keyboard. It does have a System 6 boot disk but no software. Does anyone know where i can get a keyboard for it or some software?


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You will find the keyboard on eBay, and software is avalaible here
And on the (link on the main) - more than games.
The trick is do you have the proper "bridge" between your new Plus and the internet. If your Plus doesn't have a hard drive then you may also want bootable floppies. 1.44mb will work if you format them to 800k but I've heard 800k disks are more reliable (but harder to find).

I'd love to see you get this Plus up and going. If you need some help I can work up some floppies for you. If I had an extra keyboard I'd give you one but I don't - be patient on eBay and you won't have to pay $40 for it.

Oh - and Merry Christmas! You got a Plus under the tree, how cool is that?!?
Shockingly, it came with a boot disk, System 6. The single disk it came with doesn't have any software besides solitare on it. I actually am bidding on a lot of 150 800k Mac Plus floppies on ebay, some blank, some not. Who knows what I'll get, but it's only $10.
I saw that auction. They really don't give you any clue as to what might be on those disks either. Have you hunted down a proper keyboard? There are a few on eBay at the moment...

This one is pricey but clean and platinum (if your Plus is platinum in color)...
oh, outbid on the disks!!

but I did do a buy it now on a keyboard, supposedly tested and working. i first thought my Mac Plus was beige, but when i looked at the back of the case i realized that only the FRONT is beige. i may try that peroxide trick others have had success with.




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