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Hi, was really wanting to replace the dead harddisk with a CF AztecMonster.

Problem is I don't have any other macs that can do the formatting, so needing help getting my hands on a CF card that's formatted for a Mac SE/30, could anyone be kind enough to help me with this?

(Willing to pay for the card, work and postage!)

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Chances are the only people who could help you would also need to have the same model CF AztecMonster to do the formatting with as the card . Do you have a boot floppy for your system? If so you could probably just use the patched HD SC Setup as talked about here. Can you tell me what you have in the SE/30 at the moment? As in d o you have an ethernet card or external SCSI drives? 

Thanks for the reply,

I'll list what I have atm:

Double density floppy drive and boot floppy

No ethernet card or external SCSI drives

Working 80mb IBM SCSI drive (model wds-380s), I can't get the SE to detect it, tried formatting it in Ubuntu for a classic mac

I know you said you don't have anything else you can format the drive with but do you have any way of taking disk images and converting them to actual floppies? Like a newer mac with network or internet connection and a floppy drive? If so, I can put together a disk image for you that might help. Also if you've got the cash one of these might be a big help. The one with the extension cable is the one I'd get.

Unfortunately i've got nothing that could write a 800k floppy, unless I take it out the mac and hook it up to a PC.

The "Floppy Emu" you linked looks perfect though! Really tempted to order one asap, mind me asking what your idea was for the disk image you had in mind?

I could make a boot disk image with the patched HD SC Setup on it that I linked able. Also with the SE/30 you should be able to use 1.4 meg floppies.

I think you're probably right, the specific model is a M5010 with one of the 800k drives removed

Ordered up an Emu, thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction! : )

Ah! Got it. It's an SE not an SE/30. I'll work on getting an 800k image together for you with the drive formatting software on it, so once you get the floppy emu you'll be all set.

Super! I imagine it possible to install something to allow the SE to read 1.4 meg floppies as well?

Only if you have an SE/FD or a superdrive model. These both had a normal SE motherboard with updated ROMs and an internal superdrive that let it use 1.4meg floppies. The front of the case would say Macintosh SE/FD or say superdrive in small letters under the Macintosh SE.

The floppy emu is pretty awesome :)

Wow that's it already here!

Great! Here's the link to a bootable disk image with the patched HD SC software

It should boot to a screen with a menu bar. Just click on File and Open

Then Select HD SC from the pulldown menu. Then just select the program HD SC Setup 7.3.5 Patched and click open.

As long as the Aztec card is attached and working properly you should be able to select it in the program and format it. Your best bet for compatibility is to set it up with no bigger than 2gb partitions. 




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