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if you check out my photos from February, you will see my se/30 in a pile ): . But IT IS ALIVE!  I had to replace the crt, scrub motherboard, etc.  Sound is very quiet, probable caps.  It has 128MB ram and IIsi rom simm and network card. My main issue is wanting to get it back on the net w/netscape 4.0.8 or ie4 whatever.  I don't know the brand of network card if there is one,(see pics on my page for it) but when installed the port on my router lights up and blinks like it is talking.  

I have tried both MacTCP and TCP/IP from  os7.5 in both dhcp and manual configurations but apps cant see network.

Is there a specific extension  or control panel i need?

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If you have a IISI ROM (I believe that is 32bit clean) in it are you running 8.1? If not give it a try, with the more "modern" os you may have fewer issues connecting. Also have you checked to see if your router is assigning the SE/30 an IP address?

I did have 8.0 on it before, with a bunch of res editing, it was the last to support 68k.  8.1 required a ppc601 or greater.  I am probably going to stick with 7.1~5 because it is so much faster.

It just occurred to me that on my color classic my NAS doesn't show up in the chooser, I have to connect by typing in the ip address for the NAS. Then it connects and I can mount it.




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