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What Mac is most prone to failure? Also , What Mac appears to be the most reliable?

I'll Start:  Worst:

Liquid Cooled G5 Powermac ?

Most Reliable: Macintosh SE

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eMac 1.25GHz by far the worst

Cube has been my most reliable

How about the G5 iMac? The capacitors were pretty bad on them. Or the power supplies in G4 Quicksilvers or Mirrored Drive Doors.

Most reliable would have to be ones of the early compact Macs.

I'd second with this. I've just been given a bad G5 iMac and 6/7capacitors are bulging. There's plenty of them on ebay going for spares/repairs (instead of still working). 

I have a G5 liquid cooled in the shop right now because of this problem - So that said my addition for the list of most reliable is the earlier air-cooled G5.

I have two watercooled PMG5 (2.7GHz & Quad), continous running since 2005, no leaks, never failing
How many mac's are running more then six years without problems ?

The Mac IIcx appear to have had bad capacitors. I know of someone desperate to find working IIcx to keep his old 'production' printer going. For many years any working IIcx's were snapped up by him and he went through old IIcx's very often. 

Of course there's also the Powerbook 5300. It's video cable was frequently failing due to it's very bad overall design. (Not to mention the exploding battery issue!).




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