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Hello everyone,
I'm having some issues with a Mac SE/30.
Maybe someone out there can help me.

I'm no an expert with older Macintosh computers. I had a Mac SE/30 as a child, and I wanted to relive the magic of the B&W 68k all-in-one days of Macintosh. I've always been a huge fan of retro Macs, and am quite nostaligic about them, So I turned to eBay and purchased a Mac SE/30.

When it arrived 2 months ago I was thrilled. Everything worked as described. I didn't have any issues with it.

About 2 weeks ago, while booting, it froze. I restarted it, and instead of the grey screen with the happy Mac icon and chimes. I was met with two sets of "jail bar" patterns, and a "checkerd flag" pattern, accompanied by "the chimes of death".

I have the Mac SE/30 service manual and I've researched all over the internet looking for what exactly is causing this, I haven't been able to find anything that exactly matches what I'm experiencing.

I've taken it apart. I've removed the Ram, the rom, etc even with no ram or rom inserted this still keeps happening. The jail bars and checkered flag pattern always appear. I've replaced the battery. I'm at a loss as to what is causing this.

Occasionally it will start up and boot like normal, but usually within a few minutes it freezes, and upon restart its just jail bars and checkerd flag pattern.

I'm including some pictures of what I'm experiencing, with the hope that someone on here can offer some advice or has seen this before.

I'm afraid that the logic or analogue board might be failing, but I want to get someone else's opinion on the matter.

As far as my level of understanding, I'm not a computer expert, but I am an IT major and I do hold a certificate in PC repair. Hoping someone can offer their advice or expertise ion this matter.


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I would post on 68kmla website. There are a bunch of great guys willing to help. They should be able to point you in the right direction.
Will do. Thank you Stephen.
No problem. They've helped me a lot.
The usual cause of issues like this is capacitors starting to fail. There's a guy who will recap the board for around $30-40, or you can google it and do it yourself. Also replace your battery if you still have the original. These tend to leak and ruin the board.

My SE/30 work great, with the exception of sound. Eventually I'm going to recap it.
True. I've recapped 2 SE30's. The caps on the logic board definitely need replacing. I was lucky in that the old caps came off clean and no traces were broken. There are also some caps on the analog board that should be replaced. As long as the caps and battery haven't leaked, the job will not be too difficult.
Also, check the floppy drive. Everyone of my old ones needed to be cleaned and lubed. The grease that was used in them dries out and the floppies won't seat properly and cause reading, writing, and ejecting issues.
Check youtube also. There is some good stuff on there, too.
Good luck and have fun!
If you get on 68klma forum, I recommend uniserver. He does fabulous work if you don't want to do it yourself.




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