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Apparently Apple is going to pull the plug on Macworld. "Next month's Macworld Expo will be the last one that Apple will be involved in, the company announced today, saying it no longer relies on trade shows to reach out to its consumers."

"In addition, the Mac, iPod and iPhone maker said CEO Steve Jobs will not be delivering the keynote address at this year's show, one of the traditional highlights of the San Francisco event. Instead, Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, will address conference goers on Jan. 6."

"Schiller's presentation will be the last keynote delivered by Apple at Macworld, the company said"
Apple pulls out of Macworld - SFGate

I think that's a real shame. I love attending the Macworld expos. I guess this will be my last one *frown* The Macworld expo was like a pilgramige, Macintosh fans young and old would come to check out the latest buzz in the Mac universe. I thought that the expo was in a way, a public acknoledgement of the Mac cult.

(sorry, id love to write more, but i have to get back to my final paper!)

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That's the important part.

No Jobs, eh?

Maybe we can get the Woz to come back!
IDG organizes Macworld (AFAIK) so it's not going away. :) Apple's presence at Macworlds are, though. I'm more worried about the end of Stevenotes altogether. :( (More ranting about that in the other Macworld thread.)

[MacRumors said...] Instead, the author believes that Apple has been trying to separate itself from Macworld for years with the use of "special events" to introduce new products a few times a year. This is said to give Apple complete control over its own message.

I'll buy that. I heard similar things about MacWorld New York, and I remember how disappointed I was when they stopped doing those in 2003.
I'm glad they are not canning it alltogether, though I think it is a shame that Apple is backing out. I just don't think it will be tquit the same. A will miss the rows of machines and awed onlookers!
I have a feeling this might be a good thing. This way, Macworld can be focused more on the third party developers and manufacturers for the Mac and Apple's other products as well. I kind of get the idea that for many years, all of these other entities have been overshadowed by Apple's appearance. With Apple focusing on doing things its way, I'm sure those other devs/manufacturers are thinking that Macworld can be a great outlet for "the rest of us." :-)




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