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Hello everyone -- I'm new to the forum and hoping that someone might be able to assist me.  I'm working on resurrecting my Color Classic (with Mystic upgrade) and am trying to easily transfer/install new software on it -- not an easy task considering my modern Mac Mini and Win7 machines don't even recognize floppy disks!

I bought a PowerBook 3400c on eBay, only to now realize that it features a Geoport serial port, not standard serial port like on the CC.  I'd like to network the CC to the PowerBook, hoping to use the PowerBook's internet connection to download classic software and transfer it to the CC via LocalTalk.

So my question is -- can I use PhoneNet cables to link the serial port on the CC to the Geoport on the PowerBook to create an AppleTalk network? Could I link them via the ADB ports (the PowerBook has one)?  

Any suggestions are appreciated!



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external scsi HD, easy way to transfer software or data between scsi-compatible macs
- no need to setup a network

Powerbook 3400c
- ADB port not usable for localtalk
- ethernet-localtalk adapter
- HDI-30 scsi adapter

Thanks for the reply.. regarding the SCSI hard drive, I assume I have to format it as HFS then connect it to a modern Mac?  If so, I assume I'd need some kind of SCSI to USB adapter to transfer software from the modern Mac?  I'm new to the classic Mac world, so appreciate the guidance...

Success!  I was able to connect a PhoneNet connection to the Geoport connector from the Powerbook to the printer port on my Color Classic..Worked like a charm and was able to install several updates downloaded on the PowerBook on to the CC.  




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