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Hello, all!

My name is Chris, and I'm interested in restoring some pre-G3 Power Macintosh computers, the types of computers I would have used throughout highschool and college if I could have afforded them.

In middle school, in the mid 1990s, I was extremely interested in computer graphic design. After maybe a year of pleading with my parents, they finally bought me a Powermac 7100/80 av. Of course, at the time, the 8500 and 9500 were also available, and it was always my dream to own one of those. As I entered high school, and my friends began playing counter strike and other first person shooter games on the PC, I decided I'd get my bang for my buck if I gave up the Macintosh. Since then, I've been using PCs, but I recently came across a used Powermac 8500 on ebay, which I bought, and would like to restore.

I have not powered on the computer yet, as I'm still waiting for a Macintosh-to-VGA adapter to arrive in the mail. But, I opened the case and noticed there's some major rust on some of the sheet metal. There's also a pretty dark patina on the outside of the case.

I've noticed some good "before and after" pictures of restored Macintoshes in the gallery on the site, and I was hoping if I could get some good tips on the best way to clean these computers, inside and out. Particularly inside the case, is there anything I should avoid using or doing to preserve the components' operability?

I appreciate any advice!

Thank you!


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If you can manage to avoid any electronics, I would imagine you could use any commercial rust removing product.  As for the outside, people have had great success with retrobrite.  Usually all that's needed on the inside is a good cleaning from compressed air for the electronics.





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