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Original Newton MessagePad (OMP) H1000 - Looking for battery holders, rechargeable packs, battery charger

Last week an OMP MessagePad fell into my hands.

The unit came with 2 rechargeable battery packs (one is destroyed except for the plastic case), an in pieces battery recharger (I don't really trust this to function at all) and no battery holders for alkalines.

I was wondering if anyone knew of somewhere where I could find some battery holders, information on trying to re-cell the original NiCad battery packs and or the best way to recharge the NiCad packs.

eBay doesn't have anything, and a lot of the Newton parts resellers seem to be long out of business.  I can find plenty of supplies for the 2000/2100 series, but nothing for the original guy.

I have a DC power supply that came with the Newton so at least I can play around with it plugged into the wall.

What I would also like to know is whether the Newton can recharge the NiCad battery pack when it is plugged into it's DC adapter, or whether you had to use the battery recharger.

Thanks for any assistance/help.

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