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My Sony DSC-L1 has served me well over the past few years. According to my iPhoto library I have snapped over 15,000 photos with it. I really love this P&S camera. The form factor is small enough that I can carry it in my pocket and still have room to spare. We've had some pretty exciting adventures over the years.

Solvay Coke & Gas

Abandoned Along H41

Hessia Fabrik

The camera is holding up fairly well for its age, but it is beginning to show significant wear. It is time to move on to a new P&S camera.

I'm looking to spend no more than $300. The camera must have a rechargeable battery, be pocketable and have a movie mode.

Who better than to take advice from than a group of people who know quality? (Yeah, I'm talking about you John Q. Macuser.) What camera(s) do you use? What can you recommend?

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Hi Ken !
I found the MS Word 'Benutzerhandbuch' on flickr, following the 'Hessia'-link. I used lo live only 15 km (or 10 miles) away from Butzbach in a town with the phantastic name: Pohlheim-Watzenborn-Steinberg. It really exists. I moved away in 1997, if I'm not wrong.
BTW - Microsoft manuals usually cause more problems than they help solving one.
Pohlheim-Watzenborn-Steinberg?! Was ist die Geschichte hinter diesem langen Stadtname? (Auch... Ist "diesem" nach "hinter" in dieser Weise korrekt? Präpositionen verwirrt mich.)
Well, the story is: there have been a few small towns, there is a 'Holzheim' for example. To save administration costs they formed the 'city' Pohlheim (in the 70s) - a name found in old archives and doesn't exist any more. The towns 'Watzenborn' and 'Steinberg' had grown over the centuries and were joined before. GoogleEarth or Wiki it !
"Geschichte hinter diesem langen Stadtnamen" ist völlig in Ordnung.
Genau und danke.
Always a pleasure; if you have any questions, just ask.
Hmmm - after 'Präpositionen' most readers would have expected a plural; "verwirren" (infinitive). Please help me improving my use of the English language in return.
I have a SonyDSC-F505V, a 3.6MPx model, about 12 years old. It has a real lense, not only a hole in the box.
You can see it on my profile photo, with the Zeiss optics. You have to be careful not to be blinded by data, such as "8 Megapixels" or ten.
What the lense doesn't do, no chip in the world can correct.
No interpolated pixels will reconstruct what isn't there.
I agree with you about how insipid the megapixel race is. My friend is a professional photographer who gave me a nice lecture on the topic this last weekend. I've been taking enough photos to warrant moving up from a simple P&S. I'm now looking for something with a decent lens. Thanks for your input!
Hi Ken,

sorry I can't help you much here, but I have to agree with Lars in regards to lenses. My area of expertise is in higher end photography, the megapixel race is sometimes vaild, but overall in the compact camera range it is the quality of the pixel more than the amount. One of my current digitals is a lower pixel count than my previous model, but I would use it hands down in any situation over the higher pixel count. The quality does not even compare believe it or not.

Your best bet is to test them even at the door of the camera store, with the salesperson next to you if need be. Enlarge a few select photos to the maximum you would normally consider printing. Try and standard scene with a skintone in it, be it a carpark, with some building, trees, grass if possible. It is then worth taking at least one shot under tungsten light with a skintone in frame, then with direct flash. Each test should take around 5 minutes and if the salesperson seems agitated or refuses, go to another store where they care about the fact you might spend money there. I hope this helps??

PS Some of the best digital images I've taken are with 2.47 and 4mp pro cameras from many years ago!
I've already put the kibosh on buying a camera from a big box retail store like Best Buy or... well I guess Circuit CIty is already dead. Thanks to your advice I've got a few camera outlets in Madison on the radar now.
canon powershot sx10is. I love all the options and it takes great shots..

A 20x Zoom will never work !
Take a shot of a rectangle, and you'll find out what such a universal can do.
BTW - they are over Ken's 300 $ limit.




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