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Hi Folks,

Over the last month or so I've been having problems with the RetroMaccast. Basically if I pause the 'cast I loose my place and have to start at the beginning again. Also, I can't navigate to any point I want, I can jut play through in real time.

I am using Beyondpod on an Android phone (flame suit on).

Is anyone else having trouble or has anything changed at RM towers?



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No problems here, but I'm using iTunes or directly in a browser. 

We haven't change how the podcast is produced since the beginning so I don't believe it's anything on our end.

It's on the player side. For example, I've found that the pictures are also one step behind the audio in the podcast app on iPhone and iPad in iOS 9. It didn't do it in iOS 8 and before, and it does it in old and new episodes. It does it all the time. Sometimes if I close the app and restart, it'll catch up briefly.

Thanks folks,

It's strange but I guess I'll have to live with it.






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